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TAG Easter refunds

TAG Easter cancellation on Saturday 31st March & Monday 2nd April 2018 25. In the event that the show is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the society will refund fees, less reasonably incurred expenses. If the show processor has the provisions to do so, competitors will be refunded in the manner in which they had entered the show, but in any event the society will refund fees within 3 months of the show date to all those who had entered and requested a refund within 1 month of the show date. Please state which day/s you require a refund for. If you entered online your account will be credited. If you require a refund please email the show secretary by May 4th 2018. if you entered by paper you will receive a refund by cheque. Please send a SAE to the show secretary's address on the schedule. Again you need to request the refund by May 4th 2018. Thank you to all those people who supported us through the Easter show and agreed that the right and sensible decision was made. We have a duty of care to the dogs and the handlers and feel that we made the right and correct decision based on this.

Spring at Ramsey refunds

This is an update on the date by which refunds will be processed. As we received more requests for refunds than originally expected we have had to revise the time by which they will be dealt with. They will now be processed by 3rd May 2018. Thank you. Bernadette King

Refunds for Cancelled Shows

Please read the rule regarding refunds in the applicable schedule. The show has to produce full accounts which go to the Kennel Club for approval. Shows are allowed to defray reasonably incurred expenses and after all these are paid, the refund will be a percentage of your entry fee for the show. It will be several weeks before the amount of the refund is known. You will need to apply to the show secretary within one month of the show date, if you entered by post please enclose a SAE. If you entered online any refund will automatically be refunded to your ASO account, unless stated otherwise by the Show. All refunds will be done within 3 months of the show date.

Latest Show News

Coming shortly: Paignton, Wellingborough, TAG July, Wessex Border Collie Club, Letchworth
Just released: Surrey, Billingshurst, Colchester, Nedlo July, Longfield July, Derbyshire, Rugby

Shows using this service in 2018:
January February March April May June
Nedlo Small-Medium Jan
Nedlo Large Jan
Kelluki Jan (Ind)
Nedlo Winter Series (Jan-Ind)
Paws At Play (Jan-Ind)
DBDT (Jan)
Kelluki Jan (KC Open)
New Year Hurdles
Kelluki Feb (Ind)
Paws At Play (Feb-Ind)
DBDT (Feb)
Kelluki Feb (KC Open)
Nedlo Winter Series (Feb-Ind)
Stonebridge (Feb)
Kelluki 3Mar (KC Open)
Blackdown Limited (Mar)
Kelluki 4Mar (KC Open)
Nedlo (Mar)
DBDT (Mar)
Paws At Play (Mar-Ind)
South Eastern Agility Mar (Ind)
Adams Agility Easter
TAG Easter
Longfield Agility Easter
Easter Celebration
Team GB Squad Weekend
Spring at Ramsey
Castlereagh (April)
Wye Valley
Team GB Development Day
Sherborne Vale (Ltd)
Hatton Festival
Adams Agility Early May
FAB Kent
Severnside (Nth Somerset)
Adams Agility Fun-Training
Tunbridge Wells
FAB Dorset One
Down District
Adams Agility Mid May
Stonebridge (May)
Whizz Dogs (May)
Paws In The Park
Adams Agility Fun-Training
Adams Agility Late May BH
Weald (Ind)
Wye Valley (June)
Upanova Tigers
Adams Agility (June)
Golden Valley
Castlereagh (June)
Longfield Agility (June)
Dogs Unleashed
Glandore - Shanes Castle
July August September October November December
TAG Summer
Dickson & Browns
FAB Dorset Two
FAB - KC Dorset Two
FAB Dorset Two IFCS
Adams Agility (July)
Nedlo (July)
Glandore (July)
Longfield Agility (July)
Wireless For Hounds
SKS Agility
FAB Surrey One
Heart of the Brecon Beacons
Dogs In Need
Pembrokeshire By The Pond
Welsh Kennel Club
Stonebridge (Aug)
Bridge House
Wessex Border Collie Club
Tenterden Magic
FAB - KC Surrey Two
FAB Surrey Two IFCS
FAB Dorset Three
Castlereagh (Oct)
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