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 Agility Vision Jan   (Show type: KC Agility)

  Class: 7 Large Agility Combined 4-7

  Judge:  Jenny Barr    Length: 143m  Time: 45secs

  Awards -   4 places and 2 trophies

PlaceP R/N Handler + Dog Handler Dog Grade Faults Time
1 T 198  Alice Walford
Wynwich Werthers Original
Alice Walford Wynwich Werthers Original 4  C  31.862
2 T 171  Esme Robinson
Charmpark Gabbie
Esme Robinson Charmpark Gabbie 5  C  33.355
3 292  Andrew Priestley
Ragamuffin Rollercoaster
Andrew Priestley Ragamuffin Rollercoaster 7  C  34.311
4 255  Kate Fowler
Cardueae Veroni
Kate Fowler Cardueae Veroni 6  C  37.332
  187  Wendy McAlenan
Jonanelle Miranda AW(S)
Wendy McAlenan Jonanelle Miranda AW(S) 7  C  38.547
  70  Isaac Hartley
Darleyfalls High Hopes
Isaac Hartley Darleyfalls High Hopes 4  5  29.375
  97  Matt Scott
Devongem Free As A Star
Matt Scott Devongem Free As A Star 7  5  39.678
  145  John True
Braefell Skylark AW(S)
John True Braefell Skylark AW(S) 7  10  39.434

Eliminations:  289 Margaret Wright, Pippa Noodle Run For Fun;  151 Emilia Bowers, The Dancing Destroyer ;  298 Paul Fowler, Dylan Of Denbigh ;  135 Louise Lewis, Super Fly Chunky Monkey;  252 Lee Lainton, He Is Marvelous;  196 Julie Plant, Lucasetti's Mr Bobtastic;  179 Mark Hoffmann, Minxy Humbug AW(G);  34 Ruth Rowe, Denwyn Rhodd;  211 Craig Asker, Jinxy Lynx Paws A While;  74 Clarissa Brown, Mrs Browns Boy;  63 Linda Baker, Huttongall Lucy Loo;  293 Carol Priestley, Bizzyberry Firefly;  235 Linsey Toon, Luna Tick Barksalot ;  251 Lee Lainton, Oswald Street Saint Ozzie;  240 Lauren Berks, Springing Husky;  284 Dawn Jones, Borderpops Storm A Brewing;  201 Jacqui McWhinney, Aviary Supernatural AW(G);  175 Karen Sanders, The Merle Of Valgrays - AW(S);  195 Julie Plant, Jonjoo's Extremus Lexi;  147 Helena Cross, Just One Wish;  352 Ceri Jones, Quantum Leap My Amazing Speed;  185 Hilary Jordaan, Amduki's Crispy Temaki Zooka;  52 Heidi Clelland, Ivormyth Kinder's Pride;  18 Annette Parker, Credit To Dee's Paws;  41 Lucy Toyne, Goldmali Opportunity Nox AW(B);  89 Sarah Gold, Queen Bee Of The Blues; 


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