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 The Agility Club   (Show type: KC Agility)

  Class: 4 Large Agility Graded 4,5

  Judge:  Nicole Turner    Length: 185m  Time: 60secs

Grade 4  - 3 places and 1 trophy

PlaceP R/N Handler + Dog Handler Dog Faults Time
1 T  907  Tunde Bell
Soldaze Lady Gertrude
Tunde Bell Soldaze Lady Gertrude  C  36.060
2  511  Paul Willmott
Forrest Of Cromhall
Paul Willmott Forrest Of Cromhall  C  43.413
3  629  Mike Murray
Miss Lexie Doodle
Mike Murray Miss Lexie Doodle  C  52.295
   380  Kathrin Strangfeld
Jedize Red One
Kathrin Strangfeld Jedize Red One  5  35.877
   771  Max Glover
Neuadd Lwyd Beat At Soldaze
Max Glover Neuadd Lwyd Beat At Soldaze  5  37.326
   1119  Ilka Antippa
Wumblibumbly Dotty Lottie
Ilka Antippa Wumblibumbly Dotty Lottie  5  47.002
   321  Christine Manser
Pepsanner Ogmore Castle
Christine Manser Pepsanner Ogmore Castle  5  59.832
   1275  Steve Young
King Timber
Steve Young King Timber  10  36.678

Eliminations:  787 Shannon Springford, Zhanisgo Give It Some Banter;  25 Ken Wheate, Darleyfalls Double O' Seven;  1153 Judi Cross, Tiksi Moonglow AW(S);  1435 Tanya Odeneg, Mawlch Obiwan ;  292 Steven Poulton, Corfu Gems Dare To Bear;  86 Catherine Fuller, Trijem Single Digit AW(B);  628 Elaine Brammer, Corfu Gems Dare To Fly;  49 Sally Lett, Greenfox Tonker;  276 Tina Twyman, Forestfalls Spring Fever ;  870 Jan Fox, Caught Red Handed;  267 Kathryn Broadway, Qwassingburgh Alan ;  997 Angela Fiddimore, Mirramay Night Hawk;  1283 Dave Jolly, Glenalpine Ultimate Finale;  1478 Roger Brown, Soldaze Serious Moonlight;  837 Shani McGarry, Magical Merly Of Valgrays;  990 Gemma Platt, Little Miss Dynamite; 

Grade 5  - 3 places and 1 trophy

PlaceP R/N Handler + Dog Handler Dog Faults Time
1 T  756  Steve Young
Comebyanaway Perfect Timin
Steve Young Comebyanaway Perfect Timin  C  34.428
2  1112  Millie Sawyel
Cherryhog Langley Pippin
Millie Sawyel Cherryhog Langley Pippin  C  39.247
3  295  Hilary Lucas
Merrowlands Teaser AW(G)
Hilary Lucas Merrowlands Teaser AW(G)  1.145  61.145
   1297  Hazel Carter
Llantrussa Rosalind AW(S)
Hazel Carter Llantrussa Rosalind AW(S)  7.14  62.140
   399  Marta Dec
Shep Teddy AW(S)
Marta Dec Shep Teddy AW(S)  10  35.789
   1556  Sarah Wood
Reach For The Moon
Sarah Wood Reach For The Moon  15  50.164
   892  Pippa Patten
Tuess Guss
Pippa Patten Tuess Guss  15  56.896

Eliminations:  631 Steph Matthews, Tredhespan Willow;  599 Deanne Nash, Fly Bys Ultimate Rumour AW(B);  1281 Laura Johnson, Champwaith Tibers Rascal;  768 Bill Glover, Soldaze Mr Blue Sky;  722 Julia Maclean, Freyasway Emerald Yolo;  97 Lynnette Garstang, Kisdons Zada AW(S);  1107 Nathalie Rogemond-Westfield, Bachwoods Biloxi AW(B);  512 Paul Willmott, Proforza Piece Of Wow;  30 Paul White, Darleyfalls Now Is Your Time;  555 Lynette Chant, Poughkeepsie Libertas;  666 Garry Ovenell, Rubiheath Finn;  592 Catherine Stone, Finn Flintstone;  172 Julie Andrews, Sunwood Hebe Midnight Sky;  652 Ken Whittington, Tri Again Ben;  1314 Becca Middleton, Wild Nettle Sensation;  141 Abigail Doxford, Runbye What’s Your Beef ;  789 Jenny Barr, Banking On Bob;  968 Nicola Foskett, Readepter Active Storm AW(G); 


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