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Results for:     PAWS Jersey (Show type: Jersey)  Show date:     27th & 28th Nov 2021
Results for:  
  PAWS Jersey
 (Show type: Jersey) 
Show date:  
  27th & 28th Nov 2021
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Sat  1  Large Agility Grade A
Sat  2  Large Agility Com A+B
Sat  3  Large Jumping Com A+B
Sat  4  Large Jumping Graded A+B
Sat  5  Large Agility Grade B
Sat  6  Intermediate Agility Grade A
Sat  7  Intermediate Agility Com A+B
Sat  8  Intermediate Jumping Com A+B
Sat  9  Intermediate Jumping Graded A+B
Sat  10  Intermediate Agility Grade B
Sat  11  Medium Agility Grade A
Sat  12  Medium Agility Com A+B
Sat  13  Medium Jumping Com A+B
Sat  14  Medium Jumping Graded A+B
Sat  15  Medium Agility Grade B
Sat  16  Small Agility Grade A
Sat  17  Small Agility Com A+B
Sat  18  Small Jumping Com A+B
Sat  19  Small Jumping Graded A+B
Sat  20  Small Agility Grade B
Sat  21  Anysize Agility Special Com A+B
Sat  22  Anysize Jumping Special Com A+B
Sat  23  Anysize Jumping Special Com A+B
Sun  24  Large Jumping Grade A
Sun  25  Large Jumping Com A+B
Sun  26  Large Agility Com A+B
Sun  27  Large Agility Graded A+B
Sun  28  Large Jumping Grade B
Sun  29  Intermediate Jumping Grade A
Sun  30  Intermediate Jumping Com A+B
Sun  31  Intermediate Agility Com A+B
Sun  32  Intermediate Agility Graded A+B
Sun  33  Intermediate Jumping Grade B
Sun  34  Medium Jumping Grade A
Sun  35  Medium Jumping Com A+B
Sun  36  Medium Agility Com A+B
Sun  37  Medium Agility Graded A+B
Sun  38  Medium Jumping Grade B
Sun  39  Small Jumping Grade A
Sun  40  Small Jumping Com A+B
Sun  41  Small Agility Com A+B
Sun  42  Small Agility Graded A+B
Sun  43  Small Jumping Grade B
Sun  44  Anysize Agility Special Com A+B
Sun  45  Anysize Jumping Special Com A+B
Sun  46  Anysize Jumping Special Com A+B

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