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Spring at Ramsey Refunds

Thank you for your patience about the refunds. Dealing with them is taking much longer than envisaged and more time is needed to deal with them. We hope to have them dealt with ASAP

(Added: 08/05/2018)

Refunds for Cancelled Shows

Please read the rule regarding refunds in the applicable schedule. The show has to produce full accounts which go to the Kennel Club for approval. Shows are allowed to defray reasonably incurred expenses and after all these are paid, the refund will be a percentage of your entry fee for the show. It will be several weeks before the amount of the refund is known. You will need to apply to the show secretary within one month of the show date, if you entered by post please enclose a SAE. If you entered online any refund will automatically be refunded to your ASO account, unless stated otherwise by the Show. All refunds will be done within 3 months of the show date.

(Added: 03/04/2018)


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