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Nothing! Zero!

However, for each show you enter we charge a 60p administration fee - cheaper than printing an entry form and a stamp and an envelope!

Amendments and cancellations to show entries are free of charge.

Many. But in particular, once you have registered it will only take you a few clicks of your mouse to enter a show.

When you choose a show to enter, after accepting the declaration and booking camping where available, a drop down list of the dogs you have registered is displayed - select the dog you wish to enter, and the classes for which it is eligible appear. If you do not wish to enter any particular class, de-select that class and any handler can be changed here if needed. You can also choose to 'Uncheck ALL classes' and then just tick the classes you wish to enter - helpful if you are only doing 1 or 2 days of a week long show.

Details of your entry including fees are shown on your Shows Entered page and will be sent to you by email - leaving you to arrange payment (if not sufficiently in credit) by whichever means you choose (see the 'How do I Pay' FAQ) - and that's all there is to it. You may view your entry right up until midnight of the day of the show. If you are able to enter camping on-line, then you have your spot! Just sit back and wait for your running orders to arrive - or with most shows you can opt out of paying return postage and download your own ring cards and personalised ring plan when ready!

No more trying to source a schedule and entry form. No more finding your dog's registration details. No more filling in your name & address. No more envelopes and stamps. No more writing cheques.

No. All handlers and dogs that reside at the same address may use one registration.

Only one person need register per household. This will be the person to which ring cards will be returned prior to the show. You can register all the dogs in the household with their usual handler, even if the dogs are under different ownership which should be recorded.

When you enter a show, you have the option to overtype the handler name for any dog and class combination.

Of course, but you will be charged separate show entry admin and return postage fees.

You will only be able to enter those shows choosing to use the ASO service.
We constantly market our service to show organisers.
As well as many Kennel Club licensed shows we also host FAB shows and many independent ones.

If you belong to a club that is holding a show next year, why not tell them about the service as there are many benefits to show organisers as well.

To complete registration and receive a confirmation email, you must complete at least your address details as specified on the registration form.

Your email and password you created and registered can then be used to gain entry to the site where you may add your dogs details if you did not do so during registration.

Should you need any further assistance please contact us

The most common reason is that an incorrect email address has been used. If the email address is wrong, we cannot contact you.
Please contact us to inform us that you have not received your confirmation email, and we can reply to the correct email address and amend the one you originally recorded on the site.
Alternatively, unidentified emails can be sent straight to a Junk or Spam email folder. You should check this folder before contacting us, as subsequent emails could be affected in the same way.
To ensure our emails get to you, please add to your email Address Book or Safe List.

Log in to the site and select the Dog's Details menu bar item – then select the Add a Dog button completing those details as recorded at the Kennel Club.
Puppies should be added when they have their KC registration number and are 4 months old, and will automatically be added NFC to any entries you make for a show.
Any dog without a KC registration number can be added but you will need to use NAF (name applied for) as the registration number which must be updated as soon as you receive it from the Kennel Club.

Any show starting 25 days after the date of your win that requires a grade change will need amending and must be done a minimum of 14 days before the first day of the show.
Choose the Dog's Details menu bar item and select the dog in question and then change it's grade.
Then for any show that is affected select the Amend/Change button alongside the showname on your Shows Entered page.
For some shows where there are a choice of classes or where you have chosen not to enter all available, the best option is to cancel one dogs entries and then re-enter the appropriate classes.
If the show closing date has passed you will need to select the Grade Change button alongside the showname. If this option does not change your grade correctly please contact us with the following details: Your name, the show name, the dog’s name, the class numbers to cancel and the replacement class numbers required. Amendments required through change in height or dog classification will be made free of charge. Where a show has already been downloaded and we had not received notification of your wins, it may be necessary to refer you to the Show Secretary who will refer to the appropriate regulation on notification when winning out.

Log in to the site and select the Dog's Details menu bar item – then click on the appropriate dogs name. The next screen will display all the details of that particular dog with options to amend these details, change the owner details or remove the dog from your ASO account.
If the dog is entered in shows that have not yet taken place you will be redirected to the Contact Us page, so the ASO administrator can assist you.

When you log into the site, the first page you see is your Shows Entered page. If the show has not closed, there will be an Amend/Cancel button alongside the showname. Clicking this button will take you to options to:

  • Cancel the entire show entry (which will also remove camping, offer of help etc)
  • Add to your entry (e.g. didn't enter all dogs previously or need to add another nights camping)
  • Cancel one dog's individual class entries (e.g. moved up a Grade and need to choose different classes or switching to Allsorts)
  • Amend Pairs entries - if applicable to that show
  • Amend Team entries - if applicable to that show

You will be notified of “Possible Cancellation” by email.
However, if your entry remains unpaid after 5 days from close of entries, then we shall have no alternative but to cancel your entries without further notice. It is your responsibility to check your account and ensure that payment has gone through. We cannot he held responsible for payments made that we have been unable to identify and therefore not updated your Account within the timescale. You may log in at any time from any device with internet access using your registered email address and password to check your account balance and view your account statement. Your Shows Entered page clearly identifies which shows remain unpaid, and the amount required to deposit.

There are several different ways to pay, but in all cases IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU QUOTE YOUR UNIQUE PAYMENT REFERENCE to ensure monies are correctly allocated to your account.

The fees that are owed when you enter a show are shown on your Shows Entered page with more details shown on the Account page.
These are also detailed in a show entry confirmation email sent at the time of entering.

Monies can be deposited into your ASO account by one of the following:

  • PAY IN at any bank or Post Office - just complete a paying-in slip, making sure you quote the Agility Shows Online Sort Code 40-39-11, Account No. 02305666 and your individual ASO payment reference to ensure that your account is credited correctly.

  • OUTSIDE UK PAYMENTS - Bank: HSBC plc, 15 Church Street, Rugby, CV21 3PN
    IBAN - GB49HBUK40391102305666, BIC - HBUKGB4108W, Sort Code - 403911, Account no - 02305666
    and quote your individual ASO payment reference

  • TELEPHONE or INTERNET BANKING - set Agility Shows Online Limited up as a payee (exactly the same as you would for your other bills), be sure to quote your individual ASO payment reference so we can make sure your account is credited.

  • STANDING ORDER - if you wish to build up a credit balance, so the larger show entry fees don't come as a shock to your bank balance - set up a standing order, be sure to quote your individual ASO payment reference

  • CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - payments can be made securely through Sage Pay. Use the link when viewing your ASO Account.

Full details of your account can be seen by selecting the Account menu bar item after logging in. This is also where you will find your individual payment reference. All debits and credits will be listed. If you have any queries regarding your account, please contact us.

If you have deposited funds and they do not appear on your account, then please contact us immediately.
Payments over the counter may take 2 working days to clear, telephone or internet banking payments a few hours but credit/debit card payments should appear immediately.

Yes. At the time of entering a show you will have to accept a Declaration. This is your contract with the organising club that you will abide by current KC Regulations and the Rules of the show and is the same as the declaration found on paper entry forms. If you do not accept the Declaration, you cannot submit an entry to the show.

Agility Shows Online is a service for entering dog agility shows and full processing services such as running orders, ring cards, calling sheets, score sheets etc.
Agility Shows Online can also download entry data to other show processors.

Agility Shows Online Limited
Registered in England Company Number:   10546075
Registered Office address:   Parkview, Brinklow Road, Easenhall, Rugby CV23 0JD

Any queries can be sent via the Contact Us page or email Kate at

Agility Shows Online is run by two people who have been involved in show organisation and management for many years. Between them they have held posts such as Competition Manager, Show Secretary, Show Treasurer as well as ring manager, scoreboard steward, judge and scribe. Even pole picker! These people know show organisation inside out!

Kate Austin – involved in Agility as a competitor since the early 1980's and as a show organiser since 1984. Kate has been the show secretary for Thames DTC agility and obedience shows, the Agility Club agility weekends and the Dogs In Need agility week long show. Kate has worked with show entry processing for several years. Kate is responsible for the administration of Agility Shows Online and deals with any queries and updates to information on this site.

Dave Jolly – involved in agility as a competitor since 1981 and as a show organiser since the early 1980's. Dave has helped organise agility shows for Ribble, BATS and more recently Thames DTC and the Agility Club. Dave has held the position of Competition Manager over a dozen times, and manages the website and database of Agility Shows Online.

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Last updated December 2018