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The UKs newest online entering and processing service for Agility shows!

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Simple to use, with all the functionality you would expect to make your life easier when entering a show.

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2018 Agility Shows Diaries

Agility Show Diaries
Plan your 2018 agility season
Listing all known Kennel Club, UKA and independent shows at time of printing

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Shows using this service:
January February March April May June
Nedlo Small-Medium Jan
South Eastern Agility Jan (Ind)
Nedlo Large Jan
Kelluki Jan (Ind)
Nedlo Winter Series (Jan-Ind) **FULL**
Paws At Play (Jan-Ind)
DBDT (Jan)
Kelluki Jan (KC Open)
New Year Hurdles
Kelluki Feb (Ind)
Paws At Play (Feb-Ind)
DBDT (Feb)
Kelluki Feb (KC Open)
Nedlo Winter Series (Feb-Ind) **FULL**
Kelluki 3Mar (KC Open)
Blackdown Limited (Mar)
Kelluki 4Mar (KC Open)
Nedlo (Mar)
Paws At Play (Mar-Ind)
South Eastern Agility Mar (Ind)
Longfield Agility Easter
Adams Agility Easter
Sherborne Vale (Ltd)
Tunbridge Wells
Longfield Agility
July August September October November December
Suffolk Five Rivers
Whizz Dogs (Sept)
Nedlo (Sept)
Adams Agility (Sept)
Norfolk Autumn
Mid Downs
Adams Agility (Oct)
Shrewsbury (Oct)
Castlereagh (Oct)
TAG October
Kelluki 14Oct (KC Open)
DBDT (Oct)
BHC Agility
Kelluki 15Oct (KC Open)
Blackdown Limited (Oct)
Nedlo Winter Series (Oct-Ind) **FULL**
Discover Dogs
South Eastern Agility Oct (Ind)
Paws At Play (Oct-Ind)
English Shetland Sheepdog Club
Kelluki 4Nov (KC Open)
Kelluki 5Nov (KC Open)
North Downs
Nedlo Winter Series (Nov-Ind) **FULL**
Paws At Play (Nov-Ind)
DBDT (Nov)
Kelluki Nov (Ind)
Kelluki 2Dec (KC Open)
Kelluki 3Dec (KC Open)
Nedlo Winter Series (Dec-Ind)
Kelluki Christmas (Ind)
Festive Challenge
Coming Soon Show live Closing in next 7 days Show Closed
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